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  • Current Price is:
  • $ 5.09
  • updated September 14, 2017


Van Anda Aviation has aircraft at three airports, Orlando North Airpark, Orlando Apopka Airport, and Melbourne International airport. We have very easy pricing and our rental rate is always fully inclusive (even sales tax is included). We have a special offer for pre-paid block time which can save some money. When you pre-purchase 10 hours, you get the 11th hour free. Our current price can be found on the schedule page.


At Orlando North, our airplanes are parked at the end of the row next to our Hangar by the fuel pump, except for the 182, which is in Hangar 4.

At Orlando Apopka, our airplane, is located at lot #1, right across the taxiway from the main FBO. There is a combo box on the side of Hangar C, between B and C. To obtain the combo, talk to one of us and setup a reservation. You can check the online schedule anytime for availability, and reservations.

In Melbourne, our airplanes are located on the ramp for Atlantic Jet Center.

In Merritt Island, the airplane is located on the north side of the runway in the main parking area.

Aircraft information

We have seven 172's for rent among the five airports we cover. In addition, at Orlando North, we have a 182S. You can see more information about that aircraft here.

All of our rental aircraft are well maintained. We strive to minimize the frustration from grounded aircraft. In addition, we will entertain offers to purchase any of our aircraft. One advantage is that all of them are currently flying and are current.

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