Van Anda Aviation main office is located at Orlando Airpark in Zellwood Florida.  At the main office, we offer a variety of services including airplane rentals, fueling, and maintenance.  The management and maintenance offices have set hours of operation, however, customers have access to the airplanes 24 hours a day.  All of our airplanes, with the exception of the 182 model, come at a prepaid fuel charge rate.  For individuals who have contract rentals with Van Anda Aviation can submit fuel receipts for credit.  General (non-rental customers) after hour fueling can be purchased at the self-serve fuel pump using either credit or debit card.  Please submit fuel receipts and any further inquiries regarding gate codes and key access to:



Monday - Friday:      8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday:                    Closed

Sunday:                       Closed

Fuel Price

100 LL: $5.09 per gallon

Jet-A:    Unavailable


Voice: (407) 886-8777

Hotline: (407) 459-4721

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8600 Jones Road

Hangar One

Zellwood, FL. 32798

Mailing Address

Van Anda Aviation, LLC

P.O. Box 237

Zellwood, FL. 32798