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Block Time Accounting help page

When you first click on the "Block Time Accounts" link on the left of the webpage, you will see a screen similar to the following picture. Here you can fill-in your username and password to access your account. If you want to be automatically logged in when you return to this page, check the "remember me" box before you click the submit button.

After you have successfully logged in you will see a page similar to the following. On it you can see a summary of your recent activity, although it probably won't include everything, depending on when we last gathered the info from the airplane.

At the top, you can click to log out or you can click the profile button. In the profile page, you can change your username and password and correct your contact information. The information is important and will be used to contact regarding your account, please check it over for accuracy. If you want to change anything, be sure to click submit at the bottom of the form to save your changes.

Back to the accounts page, you can see the date and description of the transactions. The next column will indicate payments that are credited to the account. If you purchased fuel for our airplane on a particular day, it is noted in the next column, along with the current balance. The flight hours column indicates the number of hours consumed on that date and the current balance. At the bottom of the table, the final balance in indicated.

Below the table, there are controls that can be used to filter the transactions, depending on what you want to view. To do this, select the date range you want to see, or below that you can view the last entered transactions, either 20, 50, 100, or all of them. The default setting is to show the last 20 transactions.

Below that, you can update the account with a transaction if you want to get the account up to date. Simply fill out the form, putting the airplane N-number in the description field, and fill-out any of the other fields that you know. You can almost always ignore the fields for "Payment credit ratio:". Once you submit the transaction you can edit it by clicking on the date. Once we verify the transaction against the airplane time card, we will set it so that it can no longer be modified. If you have an instructor selected in your profile, they will also have access to add transactions to your account and view your account balance.

There are then links to make a payment, if you want to add more hours to your account. The links automatically take into account the amount of fuel credit you have and, in case your account balance is negative, the hours that are owed. Please note that an additional block of time cannot be purchased until the account is brought current.

We sincerely hope this new system helps! Happy flying!

Page last modified on March 03, 2010, at 11:27 PM