To request an appointment

  1. You do not need to login. Click on either the Add event link at the top of the calendar or click one of the "+" links on the calendar.
  2. Fill in the form. Make sure to input your name, the date, time, length of time desired, and aircraft desired. Double check it for errors because you won't be able to correct errors after you submit your request. If you do need to cancel or change your request, simply email
  3. Click submit event.
  4. You will not see the event appear on the calendar until it is approved by one of our associates. Appointments will be approved on a first requested, first approved basis.
  5. You can also call our hotline at 407-459-4721 and leave your appointment request in the form of a voice mail.

Status of the airplanes

Tail number Type Location Remarks Price
 N24658 Cessna 182S Orlando North (KFA83)  Fuel Injected, 230 HP, IFR $130 (Without Fuel)
N12933 Cessna 172M Orlando North (FA83) Out for required inspection, Please check back soon! $130 (With Fuel)
N170AT Cessna 172G Merritt Island (KCOI) Ready to fly at KCOI $130 (With Fuel)
N670MA Cessna 172R Melbourne (KMLB) IFR, Fuel Injected, KLN94 GPS $130 (With Fuel)
N781BG Cessna 172R Orlando Executive (KORL) Garmin 430w, Fuel Injected, IFR $130 (With Fuel)
N536HF Cessna 172R St. Pete-Clearwater (KPIE) ADS-B, IFR, KLN94 GPS $130 (With Fuel)
N738SY Cessna 172N Orlando Executive (KORL)  IFR, HSI, GNS650, 180HP, and lots of fun! $130 (With Fuel)
N32042 Piper PA-28-151 Orlando Executive (KORL) Garmin 430w, Trafic Alerts $130 (With Fuel)
N671MA Cessna 172R Orlando North (KSFB) IFR, Fuel Injected, KLN94 GPS $130 (With Fuel)
 N733KC Cessna 172N Orlando Apopka (X04)  Ready to fly at X04 $130 (With Fuel)
N46299 Cessna 172M Orlando North (FA83) Ready to fly at Orlando North, IFR $130 (With Fuel)
N734MG Cessna 172N Kissimmee (KISM) ADS-B (IN & OUT), KLN 94, IFR $130 (With Fuel)

Van Anda Aviation also offers block time in 10-hour blocks. If you were to buy 10 hours we will give you 1 hour free! For more information contact us at (407) 886-8777